Remote Kiln Dryer Diagnostics

Employing web-based procedures to analyze rotary equipment mechanical problems!

Response guaranteed in 12 hours or less!

Cost Effective Diagnostics

We offer the most cost effective method for diagnosing mechanical problems on rotary equipment.

The typical cost of an onsite expert to travel and diagnose can range up to an excess of $25,000. RKD is your cost effective, full-time, virtual solutions provider; here to help, rain or shine!

From a Company You Know & Trust

Remote Kiln Dryer Diagnostics is a service of Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group, the industry leading provider of solutions for rotary processing equipment.

We are a company dedicated to supporting our customers and keep equipment running at optimized levels. We do this with quality projects and programs covering the following: education, design, supply, installation, repair, and maintenance.

Industrial Kiln and Dryer

Our world-class diagnostics services
can alleviate excessive costs for repairs.

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