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Meet Louis Lovas...

Lou is the head of our technical team. He was a Field Engineer for F.L. Smidth for 10 years. In that capacity:

  • He was Chief Engineer for the installation of two Cement Plants and two Lime Plants.
  • He was the technical supervisor for the installation of more than 100 kiln shell sections, 25 kiln girth gears and scores of other process equipment components.

From 1985 to 2011 Lou was founder and president of North American Kiln Service. While with NAK, he:

  • Developed the most advanced kiln alignment system in the world. The alignment system was featured in World Cement in December of 2008
  • Published 4 technical papers pertaining to rotary equipment technology in international journals
  • Addressed by invitation three international conventions of rotary process equipment users
  • Developed the only means of quantifying the detrimental effects of shell dogleg conditions on large kilns
  • Developed the only cost effective means of quantifying and reducing support roller thrust loads
  • Developed shell correction cuts as the most cost effective means (by far) to correct symptoms of shell dogleg conditions
  • Developed the only effective shell joint alignment procedure for installing shell sections – the procedure guarantees constant pier loads in the course of kiln rotation
  • Developed ovality optimization technique by varying pier load distribution on kilns
  • Developed computer software to align kiln gears
  • Developed advanced techniques to eliminate resonance vibrations in kiln systems

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